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Web Services

Summarizer is a service to summarize text using Query-Biased method.

Document Tagger
Document tagger is a service to tag a document in a standardized format.

Stemmer is a service to stem affixed-word (affixes consist of either prefixes, suffixes, infixes, or, circumfixes) to be bare form.

Stopword Remover
Stopword Remover is a service to remove all word that are recognized as stopwords. Stopwords are the words that is identified to be often appeared in documents. Stopword is usually either preposition or conjunction.

Speech Recognizer
Speech recognizer is a service to recognize words in an audio voice file.

POS Tagger
POS tagger is a service to retrieve the part of speech of words in a text. This service is built using Stanfor Pos Tagger.

Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia
Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (KBBI) is a service to retrieve the meaning of a word to the given keyword. For now, this service can only receive a single word.

Machine Translator
Machine translator is a service to translate from Bahasa Indonesia to English.

Bilingual Dictionary
This service give functionalities related to English-Bahasa bilingual dictionary.

Conceptual Dictionary
This conceptual dictionary is a service to retrieve concepts of a word in Bahasa Indonesia.

Morphology Analyzer
This service provides a function to analyzer morphem of a word in Bahasa Indonesia.